La Biosthetique Bi- Phase Remover

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La Biosthetique Bi- Phase Remover- The eye make-up remover gently and extremely carefully removes even waterproof eye make-up and provides the sensitive eye area with maximum care.
100 ml
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La Biosthetique Bi- Phase Remover- Waterproof mascara can be fairly stubborn, but Bi-Phase Remover is up to the task. This eye make-up remover thoroughly removes waterproof eye make-up. Bi-Phase-Remover is particularly gentle to the sensitive eye area. Thanks to its special and highly effective 2-phase formulation, the eye make-up remover not only removes the most stubborn, waterproof residue, but its hydro complex supplies lots of moisture for intense care of thin skin.

The pure sugar and amino-based mild cleansing complex supports the careful cleansing process and protects against dehydration. The formulation doesn’t irritate the eyes and rapidly dissolves eye make-up. Bi-Phase-Remover gives sensitive skin radiance, beautiful relaxation and wonderful freshness. As the pH of the eye make-up remover is identical to that of tears, Bi-Phase-Remover is excellent for sensitive eyes and contact lens wearers and is dermatologically tested. Little tip: If you make a mistake with your make-up, Bi-Phase-Remover will rapidly remedy it.

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