La Biosthetique Crème de Luxe Nuit

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La Biosthetique Crème de Luxe Nuit- Rich, skin-rejuvenating anti-aging night care.
50 ml
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La Biosthetique Crème de Luxe Nuit- Rich, skin-rejuvenating anti-aging night care with a maximum effect tightens, smoothens and regenerates dry and demanding skin overnight – an homage to timeless beauty.

From a certain age, the highs and lows of our life are increasingly reflected in our complexion. The skin visibly changes and needs a care that adjusts to its growing needs. As the skin’s regeneration phase begins at night when its processes are fully underway, a rich care is essential. La Biosthétique’s Crème de Luxe Nuit is a special rich night care that precisely targets the skin’s biorhythm. This is the perfect support for the skin’s natural regeneration process at night. Crème de Luxe Nuit contains a fivefold active lipid synthesis complex to target the skin’s specific biorhythm at night. This results in a significant improvement in moisture binding, increases the skin’s elasticity and tightness and restores its softness overnight.

Thanks to its oestrogenic effect, the exclusive plant active ingredient of phytohormones, which is contained in this rich and intensive night cream, reduces and corrects the skin’s loss of elasticity, which occurs during the day and as a result of aging. At the same time, highly active DNA and UVA filters from red and brown algae protect the skin against damaging environmental influences. The stimulation of the skin’s own defence and immune system improves the flushing out of toxins and enables an intensive and deep moisturising of the skin. The skin has a visibly refined glow.

Main ingretients

  • Phytohormones from the Iris Florentina root: Wurzel: intensively combat the decomposition of collagen and elastin, strengthen the skin barrier, protect against dehydration and thus result in visible rejuvenation.
  • Fivefold active lipid synthesis complex from Cistus Incanus (rock rose) and Gynostemma Pentaphyllum Extract (jiaogulan), DNA and UVA protection from red and brown algae: protect the skin from damaging UVA radiation and environmental influences and thus act as strong radical traps
  • Hibiscus extract: active cell protection has a preventative effect to combat the signs of time
  • Collagen boosters: Lupin seed extract soothes inflammations and stimulates collagen synthesis
  • Ceramides: reduce the skin’s water loss
  • Phytosterols (Brassica Campestris Sterole): intensively calm particularly sensitive skin

In the evening, apply the exclusive anti-aging night care Crème de Luxe Nuit after Sérum de Luxe to the thoroughly cleansed face.

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