La Biosthetique Methode Soleil Emulsion Après Soleil

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La Biosthetique Emulsion Après Soleil- Calming aftersun body care: Light body milk for sun-stressed skin to support the skin’s natural regeneration.
200 ml
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La Biosthetique Emulsion Après Soleil- For a pleasant sensation after sunbathing: Emulsion Après Soleil calms sun-stressed skin and supplies it with moisture and a pleasant feeling of freshness. The innovative formulation combines the antioxidative and calming properties of Vitamin E and protects the skin from dehydration. Valuable ingredients guarantee intensive care and a velvety soft skin sensation. Emulsion Après Soleil combats free radicals, one of the main causes of UV damage, and additionally supports DNA repair. In addition, the light and rapidly absorbed emulsion provides protection from photoaging of the skin and chronic sun damage. The skin’s natural repair mechanism is strengthened, free radicals are trapped, and the skin’s softness is enhanced. Calms the skin and imparts a soothing sensation after sunbathing.

Main incredients
  • Intelligent cell and DNA protection from an active ingredient complex of sunflower seed, natural antioxidants and rosemary extract stabilise the skin’s natural functions and are intensively conditioning
  • Vitamin E acetate protects against the negative impacts of free radicals and prevents premature skin aging
  • Sorbitol regulates the skin’s moisture content

After sunbathing, generously apply to cleansed body skin and allow to take effect. Regularly repeat if necessary

Tip: Use Crème Après Soleil for sensitive facial skin.


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