La Biosthetique Savon Lipokérine

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La Biosthetique Savon Lipokérine- The care soap for sensitive skin provides particularly gentle clarification and cleansing. At the same time, it prevents dehydration of the skin.
100 g
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La Biosthetique Savon Lipokérine- Classic soap often excessively dehydrates the skin and its high pH imbalances the stressed protective acid mantle of sensitive skin even more. Savon Lipokérine is different. High-quality palm oil and palm kernel oil and natural amino acids make the care soap for sensitive skin naturally glide over face and body. Consequently, Savon Lipokérine frees the skin of dirt and dead skin scales, opens the pores and enables subsequent ingredients to develop their effect. Face and body are given a silky soft glow and are supplied with moisture. Even delicate children’s skin will love this little care miracle. For men Savon Lipokérine is an excellent shaving soap.

In the morning and evening, use Savon Lipokérine every day to cleanse face and body. After cleansing, apply Visalix Doux to the face with a cotton pad.

  • Soap of natural palm oil and palm kernel oil: The skin is stabilised and protected against dehydration
  • Fatty acid amino acid condensate: maintains skin’s biological balance

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