Mary Cohr Pure Environnement

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Mary Cohr Pure Environnement- Face cream. Sensitised skins.
50 ml
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Mary Cohr Pure Environnement- The unique beauty care product helps cells to oxygenate, while at the same time neutralising the effects of pollution. Pur Environnement moisturises and protects the skin with active ingredients which are 100% natural, paraben-free, colour-free, chemical filter-free, and have a skin-friendly scent. Your skin comes back to life -- it is purified, hydrated and protected against the aggressions of the day.
Apply daily, morning and evening, to the whole of the face.

Active component:

• Pro-Oxygen®: A 100%-natural active ingredient which helps to increase oxygenation, which in turn generates cell energy, for extraordinary vitality.

• Puribiol: This anti-pollution active ingredient acts like a "gas mask", protecting skin cells from the aggression of polluting agents.

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