La Biosthetique SPA L´Huile

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La Biosthetique SPA L´Huile- La Biosthetique SPA L´Huile- Care and Massage body oil.
100 ml
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La Biosthetique SPA L´Huile- A particularly rich, intensively conditioning body care and massage oil with a special repair and protection complex for a silky smooth skin. It effortlessly glides over the skin, is rapidly absorbed and wonderfully relaxes body and senses. The warm and velvety scent lingers on the skin long after you have applied the product and enrobes the body with a harmonising aura.
  • Apply the body oil daily to the whole body after showering and massage in.
  • Can be used  as a massage oil for body massages, hand, foot or neck massages.
  • Lactic acid ester improves the skin’s moisture storage.
  • Blackcurrant seed oil is rich in omega-3/6 fatty acids, strengthens the skin barrier and protects stressed tissue.
  • Balloon vine extract contains valuable phytosterols, is calming and prevents inflammatory skin reactions.
  • Sunflower oil concentrate is rich in essential fatty acids and vitamins and stabilises the skin barrier, even in dry skin.

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