La Biosthetique SPA Le Bain

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La Biosthetique SPA Le Bain- Moisturising Shower Bath.
250 ml
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La Biosthetique SPA Le Bain- A refreshing shower shampoo with stimulating scent essences that provide invigorating freshness and leave your skin and hair smelling simply delicious. Based on the mildest surfactants, it cleanses skin and hair without influencing their natural protective functions.
  • Evenly apply shower/bath LE BAIN for body and hair to moist body skin and apply to hair, distribute and lather. Then rinse thoroughly.
  • LE BAIN can also be added to your bath.
  • Valuable salts of lactic acid improve the moisture binding of skin and hair.
  • Mild surfactants cleanse gently and effectively.
  • Milk proteins cover the skin in a velvety protective film and prevent moisture loss. They are also particularly conditioning for dry, sensitive skin.

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