La Biosthetique Tricoprotein Masque

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La Biosthetique Tricoprotein Masque- The moisture care for brittle hair with highly effective proteins protects against dehydration.
100 ml
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La Biosthetique Tricoprotein Masque- Our beloved hair has to put up with quite a bit of stress: constant blow-drying and occasional straightening. Dehydration in summer due to the heat of the sun and in winter due to the heating air. The Tricoprotein Masque is a moisture care for brittle hair which rapidly enables the hair’s elasticity, beautiful shine and perfect dynamism to develop. The miracle from the tube contains numerous natural active ingredients to supply the most important thing that dry, brittle hair needs: moisture – and a whole lot of it. Valuable extracts of black oats, juniper and essential amino acids and trace elements combine to form the ultimate moisture booster. The Tricoprotein Masque coats the hair in an invisible protective film, locks the active ingredients deep inside the hair and ensures that the valuable moisture remains in the hair. Flyaway hair is instantly tamed. Tricoprotein Masque moisture care – an absolute essential for beautiful hair.

Main ingredients
Extract of black oats, lecithin, juniper extract, essential amino acids, moisture-binding polysaccharides: moisturiser for the hair
  • Selected trace elements (zinc, iron, manganese): nourish and energise
After washing, evenly distribute a hazelnut-sized portion of Tricoprotein Masque into your hair and comb through. Leave it in for approx. 1 – 3 minutes and rinse thoroughly with water.

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